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Paperang P3 Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Printer 300DPI

Reviewed by David • October 28, 2022

the best portable thermal printer I've seen so far!

I've had few different portable thermal printers in the past but this is by far the best one I've seen so far. I love these portable thermal printer because 1) they are, well, portable due to its compact size, and 2) they use thermal printing technology, which means you never need to buy or replace the ink. I use these printers to print receipts when selling stuff at garage sale, to print out my business card on the fly, for reminders and To-Do list, and even photos in black and white. This printer happens to have 300 DPI printing resolution so the pictures come out very crisp with so much details, not to mention text are printed very clearly and easy to read.

It came inside a professional retail packaging that was shrink wrapped and I first plugged into USB port using the included USB-C cable until the power button stopped blinking and stayed solid green. Only thing that I didn't like was that I was confused how to open the printer to replace the paper. It turns out that there are 2 arrows on the side of the printer, which indicates the directions that you have to push to open the cover but the arrows were camouflaged to the printer body. They should have painted the arrows so it's easier to see but this is not a deal breaker since I now know how to open it.

You can double press the power button once it's powered on and it will print the QR code that you can scan from the app to easily connect to the printer from your smartphone after downloading the app. The app has so many templates that you can choose from and even much more if you create a free account, which is so worth it due to the unlimited wealth of templates you can access. I also purchased 3 rolls of sticky papers so I can print labels and stick them to the box or envelope. The printing speed is not very fast but the quality of print is very good so I will take quality over speed or quantity any time. Very impressive and I highly recommend it for those who need a portable printer without worrying about running out of ink!

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