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Panasonic Cordless Dental Water Flosser

Reviewed by David • October 3, 2020

simply the BEST water flosser for travel

I've been using Philips air water flosser for years but I had to replace it three times because the built-in rechargeable batteries either stopped charging or would not hold enough charge to even for one usage. For this reason, I also had to always pack the charging station during my travel, which was a hassle for one more thing to pack.
When it stopped working for the 3rd time, I decided to look for another portable water flosser and based on my years of using Philips air water flosser, I knew right away that this Panasonic cordless water flosser was perfect for my need.


[+] This runs on 2 AA batteries, which means I simply have to replace the batteries rather than the entire unit when the batteries die.
[+] I don't have to pack and carry the charging station. I just need to have a spare set of AA batteries.
[+] Collapsible design is genius! It makes it easier to pack.
[+] Built-in storage for the flosser tip is another genius design so you don't have to pack separately or misplace it.
[+] Dual speed pulse switch that just works for you with having to keep pressing a button.
[+] Large water reservoir for less refilling the water
[+] Waterproof design AND it comes with 2 AA batteries (a Panasonic brand rather than cheap no-name brand)


[-] Absolutely nothing! They obviously did their homework to figure out how to design cordless water flosser for travelers in mind and they nailed it!


10 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend this to any who uses water flosser and travels often.

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