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Ordro EP8 4K Camcorder 60FPS Vlog Hands Free Wearable Camera

Reviewed by David • September 21, 2022

impressive and all around high quality wearable 4K camera!

This is truly all around impressive camera. It's packed with so many features and have done so many things correctly that I don't even know where to start but I will try my best to not leave anything out. If you are in the market for wearable camera or considering GoPro, look no further and get this amazing camera.


It came in a nice retail packaged box that was shrink wrapped, which I appreciate in case it gets delivered during a rainy day. The content was professionally packaged inside the box and the head band and camera were securely stored inside a fitted foam for added protection. I was also pleasantly surprised to find the 64GB microSD card by SanDisk rather than a no-name brand. It also comes with a high quality storage pouch but I only wish that it came with hard case that can fit the band while camera is attached to it for ultimate protection. I can store it back in the fitted foam inside the box but I would have to remove the camera from the headband in order to fit. Attaching and removing the camera from the headband is pretty simple but it does need a small plastic tool that it provides to tighten and to untighten it.


Not only this camera can record 4K video and take 20MP pictures but the quality of the photos and videos are amazing, thanks to SONY 1/2.8inch sensor. In addition, it has 2-axis gimbal that provides stabilization and shake free recording, which is really awesome since this type of wearable camera is used for action and outdoor activities. Professional photographers know that you need to have gimbal for the camera when recording professional video while walking, running or moving around. The video resolution, frames per second, and photo size can be changed using the app, which I found very intuitive and easy to use. I love that I can see live view of the camera using the app and also view and download videos and pictures to my iPhone. It has IPX-5 rating so I can use this outside while raining without having to worry about getting damaged. I wish it had IPX-7 or higher so I don't have to worry about it even if I accidentally drop it in the water but this is not a big deal for most video recording scenarios.


There are only 3 buttons on top of the camera so you can touch and feel which button you are pressing (middle vs outer front or back). When you press the button, there's a voice prompt that you can hear since the camera is very close to your ear so you know which button you pressed as confirmation. It also comes with a remove control that can be hung around your neck or put on your wrist with provided wrist band if you find that easier to use. This remote control obviously comes in more handy if you are using this camera mounted on a tripod or bike for example where you can't easily touch the buttons on the camera. The remote control is very responsive and works well.

This camera features a quick charge which lets you fully charge in just about 30 minutes using the provided USB-C cable and wall charging block. It also has vertical/portrait shooting mode, which is really cool and 130 degrees wide angle combined with distortion correction feature makes the video look beautiful and professional.


These are just my opinions and suggestions to make this amazing wearable camera even better but it may not be applicable to others. I think it would be more amazing and perfect if:
1) It has IPX-7 or higher rating for complete coverage even against accidental drop in the water, lake, ocean.
2) Provide hard case that can fit the headband WITH the camera attached so I don't have to remove the camera from the headband when storing away
3) Add some sort of magnetic or flip up camera lens protection cover so I can cover the lens when not using.


Easily 10 out of 5 stars. This is simply amazing wearable camera with packed features and performance. I'm planning to use this for fishing, riding electric bikes and scooter and even when I play volleyball with my friends to record the first person view of the actions! If you are an outdoor person who loves to record video and take pictures, this is the one that you should get. Very intuitive app, great quality pictures and video, lightweight, hands free camera. Simply awesome.

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