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NJSJ H158 Wired RGB Gaming Speakers

Reviewed by David • March 9, 2021

perfect for gaming PC, especially if you have gaming keyboard and mouse/mouse pad!

My son has a gaming mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, gaming mouse pad, and even has LED strip lights around his desk so this gaming RGB speakers was perfect Christmas present for him this year. He opened the present this morning and loved it at first sight!


[+] Alternating RGB colors on the speakers
[+] Crystal sound with good amount of bass
[+] Powered by USB port rather than AC adapter, which is very convenient since it can be plugged into a spare USB port on the computer
[+] Volume control dial is very easy and quick to adjust the volume without using the Windows volume control on the task bar
[+] Volume control dial can also turn off and on the speakers
[+] Touch control on the top of the speaker that can turn off/on RGB light, if needed
[+] 3mm audio jack on the speaker if you want to use the headphone for privacy
[+] RGB lights on the speakers looks great if you already have RGB gaming keyboard, mouse and mouse pad.
[+] Price!


[-] Absolutely nothing!


10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this RGB computer speakers, which is great even if you are not a gamer because of the sound quality and convenience such as volume dial and 3mm audio jack. Very well designed and practical. Bravo!

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