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MNN 15.6inch FHD 1080P Laptop Monitor

Reviewed by David • November 20, 2022

amazing portable monitor for its budget price

I can't believe how much the price on these portable monitors have dropped these days. This is one quality portable monitor for such a budget price that most people can afford, providing additional 15.6" screen for your laptop, computer or for your portable game console such as Nintendo Switch.

It came in a nice retail packaging box that was shrink wrapped so there is tempering or potential damage from rain during delivery. I love the soft and elegant screen cover that can be used as a stand with support for 2 different angles. This monitor has 2 Type-C ports and 1 Mini HDMI port, allowing you to connect to 3 different devices then can be easily toggled using the control on the side of the monitor.
It has dial control on the side that can change the brightness or volume for the built-in speakers, in addition to menu button to change many other monitor settings directly from the monitor's onboard menu displayed when the menu button is pressed.

1080P HD resolution displays vibrant color and refresh rate when watching movies or video and it's ultra slim form factor with just 2lbs in weight provides ultimate portability. It's still mind blowing that a great quality portable monitor like this can be purchase at a budget price like this one. Highly recommend it. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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