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Mini Pocket Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Printers with 6 Rolls

Reviewed by David • December 31, 2021

cute, portable printer that can print anything without ink!

I got this cute printer for my daughter so she can print any pictures on her iPhone in black and white.
There are so many things that they did it right to make this an exceptional printer, such as :

> It's compact and lightweight, making it extremely portable
> It's a thermal printer, which means you will never need to replace or run out of ink! As you know, ink can be the most expensive cost over long time
> Comes with 6 rolls of paper (1 is already preinstalled)
> You print from free app and using Bluetooth wireless so there's no need to plug and connect to the printer with your smart phone
> It has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be charged with provided standard USB cable
> The free app is very easy to use for printing any picture or even a text or memo list using a template
> It prints fast and with very good quality in black and white
> It's easy to install the paper and it has a built-in guide for cutting the paper after printing
> The picture of the face on the printer is adorable!
> Can't beat the price!

We started printing many old pictures and even memo as soon as we got it and it's so much fun.
My daughter is going to bring this to school to show off and take selfie with her friends then print the picture on the spot! Very cool.

Please note that you will need to download free app called "iPrint" in order to use this printer.
5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend this for anybody who has a need to print on the go or wants to print pictures on your smartphone in black and white, making your phone a polaroid camera! Love it!

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