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MetaMoov ZU08 Electric Scooter

Reviewed by David • December 31, 2022

Batman's electric scooter!

This is electric scooter that Batman would ride because it has 4" wide fat tires, it's fast, has high tech app, and looks slick and sick! I'm thoroughly impressed with this scooter in so many ways. Let me do my best to break it down for you.


It was very well packaged inside a box with fitted cardboards. I think they could have done better job if they used fitted foams but mine arrived without any damage or scratch. Only thing you need to do for assembly is to attach the handle bar to the main body and secure it with hex nuts. Very simple and easy.
My first impression was wow... and the 4" wide fat tires really caught my eyes because I have only seen fat tires on some of electric bikes but never on the electric scooters. It also has very large LED display control with main power button in the middle and left/right buttons for changing selections. I wanted to ride this as soon as possible but waited until it's fully charged, which surprisingly took very short time.


Unlike many other electric scooters with just one mechanical hand break, this scooter has two hand breaks for both front and rear tires. In addition, it triggers electric break when rear disc break is applied so it has total of 3 breaks! This is great since I can apply just the front disc break when I want to slow down but apply the rear break if quick stop is needed and applying both breaks at the same time will make the quickest stop. Applying any of the break also triggers the taillight to blink to warn the cars or people behind you for added safety.

It has 4 speed modes where slowest mode is the Walk mode, perfect when someone is walking with you while you are riding so you don't have to constantly break or stop because you are going faster than their walk speed. The fastest mode is Speed (or Super) mode where it can go as fast as 24MPH! Yes, I was able to hit to speed. Very impressive because it's fast yet smooth and stable due to 4" fat tires!

You can download app for your smartphone then connect to this scooter. The device name starts with "M0Robot" and once you connect to it, you can easily change so many settings such as speed mode, max speed limit, zero start, lock/unlock, headlight, and cruise control, not to mention see the battery level and total distance driven.


In addition, it has fast charging, IP54 waterproof with 9" solid tires with triple breaking system that I mentioned before so I would give 10 stars if I can. This would definitely be Batman's choice of electric scooter. I highly recommend this without any reservation.

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