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Marlrin RGB Color Changing Corner Floor Lamp

Reviewed by David • July 9, 2021

looks cool and love the app! + TIP

This is such a cool RGB corner floor lamp that basically takes up no space when you put it against the corner.
It does require assembly but it's pretty basic and you will be up and running in no times.
It comes with a remote control but I probably would never use it because of the amazing app that you can download and install on your smartphone! The app has hundreds of special effects and color animations that you can easily choose from. Yes, HUNDREDS!!! The remote control will be handy when you don't want to grab your phone or open the app. It will be quicker to use the remote since it will be like using a TV remote control but I can also schedule the time and even days when to automatically turn on and turn off the this floor lamps so I don't think I will need to use the remote control, unless I want to show off to my friends.

I placed this corner floor lamp behind my wood stove in the living and it's the perfect spot since it's not really visible but looks really cool when it turns on. It can also change colors based on music, which is cool and fun effect when listening to music or even when watching a movie. I just can't tell you how many advanced features and settings this app has and it uses Bluetooth to connect with the floor lamp so no need to have WiFi or even share WiFi password. Make your living room or family more fun and cooler with this corner floor lamp!

** TIP **

Please note that the lights will be facing away from the legs. In other words, the lights needs to be on the backside facing the wall because this is designed to reflect the light against the wall rather than directly on your eyes. The diagram on the user manual look like the light needs to be facing the front and I got confused because the position of the legs didn't match with the face of the lights.

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