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mafiti Electric Fly Swatter Rechargeable

Reviewed by David • July 6, 2023

learn from my expertise over the years using different bug zappers!

Our house must have a secret entrance or opening for the flying insects around our house because we get uninvited intruders flying in all the time... They range from flies, mosquitoes, bees and even wasps. To be honest, the mosquitos are the worst since they are the only ones that come after my kids to suck blood out of them. My kids and wife screams and runs out of their room as soon as they hear or see anything flying in their rooms and it's my job to be the ghostbuster to trying to catch them.

Few years ago, I finally figured out that electric swatter/zapper is the best way to catch them since it can even catch them in the air while they are flying around. I gotta say my tennis game improved ever since I started using electric zapper and mastered to catch those flying insects in the air

Based on the number and frequency of the uninvited intruders, I don't think I can have enough bug zappers. I basically have 1 in each room and I also bought about 10 different models to see which ones are the best bug zappers as there are so many different variations out there. This mafiti caught my attention for its unique look as it was the only one in diamond shape rather than oval or square. It turns out that the diamond shape allows easier access to the corner without having to have your hand or handle get too close to the wall so this is pretty clever design.

One of the most important things when it comes to electric swatter/zapper is that you must avoid the ones that have outer safety layer/net. Basically, many zappers have safety layer on both sides where even if you touch it with your hand accidentally, it won't zap you and zapping happens in the inner layer where your fingers can't reach. Well, this is all good in theory for safety reason but it also defeats the purpose as it gives those flying intruders a chance to survive as they can sometimes bounce off from the outer layer to fly away. They basically have to manage to go through the outer layer mesh to get executed inside and this makes it extra challenging to catch them in the air while flying. So this mafiti electric swatter is good since it doesn't have the outer safety layer.

It also have a built-in flashlight, which is not really useful for the purpose of catching the flying bugs but I guess it's nice to have if you are outside at night during camping or something. I can simply choose not to use it so it doesn't hurt to have it although this zapper can potentially be cheaper if it didn't have the flashlight. I also like this zapper because it's very lightweight, which is very important when swinging and running around with it trying to catch them. It appears to be well constructed and high quality material.

The other unique feature of this zapper compared to my other zappers is that it has a built-in rechargeable battery. I'm not sure what type of battery that's inside but I guess it's big enough to provide flashlight capability as well as strong current for the zapper because this zapper has very impressive power compared to my other zappers. It had no problem zapping, popping and even frying some big wasps. I was truly impressed with it power and how it knocked over all flying insect instantly in one touch. Love it!

Having said that... the rechargeable battery turned out to be the culprit and biggest drawback of this zapper. I purchased this zapper last September and used it with 100% satisfaction for many months killing countless flying intruders but now it won't charge the battery and is dead. If it used regular AA batteries like many other zappers then I can simply replace the batteries when it's drained but I can't replace the built-in rechargeable batteries. This zapper is as good as dead if the battery is dead and doesn't charge anymore... and all rechargeable batteries have their lifespan and won't charge after certain number of cycles. Maybe I have a defective battery or maybe it has low quality battery but it's disappointing that it stopped charging already after just little over 6 months. I'm still hesitating to order another one because of this experience but I would definitely buy one in a heart beat if they had non-rechargeable model. Hope you found this helpful and in case you are wondering, my favorite zappers are The Executioner and Dynazap zappers. They both use 2 AA batteries and have very powerful current that can kill any flying insects instantly.

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