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LEQISMART A8 Electric Scooter

Reviewed by David • May 23, 2023

impressive electric scooter for adults and teenagers

This is one impressive electric scooter that stands out among other similar class electric scooters I've seen and had in the past. This scooter is definitely not for kids but rather adults or teenagers. It would actually make a perfect scooter for commuters in metropolitan areas. Let me break down why this is such an amazing electric scooter.


It was very well packaged with fitted foams protecting all around and when I took it out of the box, I immediately noticed the unibody frame made out of die-cast aluminum that was solid and felt super sturdy. According to the specification, it's durable enough to resist 2000kg impact, and while this number doesn't really mean much to me, I can tell and feel that frame is rock solid and very strong, unlike electric scooters with plastic frame.


While it has 350W brushless motor, it can output up to 630W peak power when needed, thanks to built-in gyroscope that can detect that incline. This is the first electric scooter that I encountered which has gyroscope, which is very cool. It can last max distance of 28 miles on a full charge, thanks to large 374Wh battery capacity and 10.2% high efficient energy recycle design! Very impressive specs with up to 15MPH top speed and 220lb max load.


Front headlight for night time riding and taillight that blinks when the break is applied are all great safety feature. The right handle has the thumb throttle to activate the motor and left handle has the hand break like the ones in bicycles. The LCD screen is very easy to see and you can double press the button to switch mode from L (low), M (medium), and H (high) speed. This is great since you can cap the max speed depending on your need, for example, you can ride at Low mode while walking with someone. I also love the folding design with slide-in latch to secure the bar to the platform so you can carry it with one hand.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars without any reservation. Very sturdy yet lightweight enough to carry up the stairs with easy to fold design. It also has an app that you can download and connect, which I have not yet explored so this is one feature packed electric scooter that you won't regret getting. Highly recommended!

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