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Kokuji 32GB Audio Voice Recording Device

Reviewed by David • March 17, 2022

practical and impressive voice recorder pen

This is one impressive digital voice recorder in the form of a ball pen with actual ball pen design that you use write on a paper. It has a built-in 32GB memory for recording audio voices in MP3 format and it's simple as pushing the clip up to start recording. This can be used as a spy voice recorder because the light will blink to indicate that recording has started but it won't blink or stay on after few seconds so nobody would know this pen is actually recording the conversation. To stop recording, simply push back down the clip.

You can listen to the recorded audio directly from the pen by plugging in the included earbuds and you can skip and navigate the recorded audio files using the remote control on the earbuds. The record audio sound quality was very impressive and 32GB memory is more than enough to record audio for more than a day. It also includes a USB cable for charging as well as to transfer the record audio file to the computer.

Overall, very impressive voice recorder that is readily available to be used discretely or for recoding meeting or lecture. You can obviously use this as a pen so it's always handy to have this around to use it as a pen but may come in handy when you need to record conversation as a proof. Please note that recorded conversation may not be approved to be used in court if you did not get consent from the party that they are okay with your recording the conversation so please use it at your discretion. Amazing pen/voice recorder at a great price. Highly recommend it.!

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