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JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw Projector

Reviewed by David • March 16, 2023

wow... my mind is blown away.. amazing and speechless

Our family loves watching movies together so we have a regular family movies night where I pick some of the classic movies that my kids may not be aware of and watch together during the weekends. For this reason, I purchased my first LCD projector 2 years ago, which my kids loved compared to our then 42" plasma TV but the fan on the LCD projector was just too loud and annoying so I upgraded XGIMI MoGo Pro projector, which was so much better than my previous LCD projector. XGMI MoGo Pro projector was very silent with almost zero fan noise because it was DLP projector and it also had awesome Harman Kardon speaker. Its portable size was great as well but it only had 300 ANSI lumens so it had to be used in total darkness or very close up to the screen at much smaller projection size. For this reason, I always wanted to upgrade to a short throw projector but the price was just way too above my budget, until I saw this JMGO O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw projector, which I couldn't believe the price and its feature so it was a no-brainer to purchase this and I am super impressed with this unit in so many ways.


The packaging for this unit was second to none. It had double boxed and the retail packaging had large, fitted foams that protected the projector 360 degrees. I'm actually going to keep the retail box so I can store the projector inside the fitted form for storage when not using for extra protection. I was intimidated by very thick user manual booklet but soon realized it was due to instructions in many different languages but it turns out that I didn't even need to read the user manual as the menu, remote control and everything was very simple to use and navigate on the screen. Everything was self explanatory.


The projector looks like a small space ship to be honest. I'm impressed that this projector was co-engineered with Leica, which is known for the best photography camera lens so I wasn't surprised to see crystal clear video images on this projector. This projector being the Ultra Short Throw, I love that it can literally sit few inches from the screen or wall to project up to 100 inches. Due to its short distance along with 1500 ANSI lumens, you can actually see the projection very clearly even with the indoor lights or even outdoor, which is not possible with a regular projector. There's also no interference with someone having to walk in front of the projector to block the screen, which is a big plus when watching a movie using a projector. No more someone getting up to go to the rest room or to get a soda then accidentally blocking the screen by getting in front of the projector.


I didn't think I was going to be impressed with audio quality due to the fact that my XGMI MoGo Pro projector has Harman Kardon speaker but apparently this JMGO O1 Pro has a speaker co-created with Dynaudio and while I never heard of this company the sound quality was superb and impressive. It filled the room with loud yet crystal sound without any distortion. I don't think I will ever need to connect to external speaker even when using it outdoor.


The remote control is very important for any projector and this unit has one of the most intuitive remote control. It's slim so it fits easily in one hand and simple navigation as well asIt volume controls are all accessible using your thumb while holding the remote control. It also has a designated voice control button that can work with Alexa after connecting it. While it's nice to have a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged with provided USB-C cable, I wish it had a replaceable AA or AA batteries instead since most households have rechargeable batteries and I can simply replace the batteries when low while charging the old ones. I love that the remote control is Bluetooth, which means that you don't need to point directly to the unit and you can also use the app on your smartphone to control the projector.


I was initially disappointed that it didn't have Android TV as the operating system but I was actually impressed and very happy with its LUNA operating system. It has its own app store to install all the streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, etc in addition to productivity apps and even games! It has ethernet port but also built-in WiFi so once connected to your home WiFi, you can use the app store and its OS feature to explore many features. It has wall art option as well as companion mode to project decorative screen on the wall, such as time, calendar and cool art pictures so this is a nice feature for those who will use this projector as the main source of video and TV.


It has 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. HDMI port is nice option if you want to connect gaming console or laptop while USB port works with USB thumb drive or external storage devices. I was able to verify that it can play MP4 video/movies as well as MP3 music and display pictures. Very versatile and amazing hardware and software combined indeed.


It also has safety feature with a motion sensor so that it automatically changes to low blue light mode when it detects motion interfering directly in front to warn that you should not directly look into the light source. It has advance gesture operation and even 3D viewing, which I have not yet explored but it seems to have many advanced features that's not found in other projectors.


I would give 10 stars if I can. I wish I had purchased this sooner but I know it was much more expensive for projector with this kind of specs even a year ago but now this is very affordable price at such amazing specs and feature. If you are in the market for a projector, look no further. You will regret it if you get any other projector. This has the best video, audio, software, and it's a ultra short throw projector with amazing brightness with super easy to use remote control and navigation operating system. It has everything you need for home projector use and more. Highly recommend it without any reservation.

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