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HITWAY 250W 16inch Folding Electric Bike with 36V Removable Battery

Reviewed by David • January 26, 2022

powerful electric bike in foldable compact size!

I had and still have many electric bikes from 12" to 26" wheels in size but this electric bike fits right in the middle with 16" wheels. I had few 12" and 14" electric bikes but this 16" electric bike is considered more compact because this bike can be folded in half for very small foot print to be transported inside a car. Not only the main body frame folds in half but the handle bar can be folded down as well and the seat saddle can be either lowered to the bottom or easily removed without any tool. This bike was really designed for easy transportation inside a car trunk or back of SUV.


I was really impressed when I opened the box. Every inch of the bike was covered with a protective foam and either enclosed with tape or zip ties. There was no chance of damage or even a scratch due to the impeccable packaging job inside the box. After removing the bike from the box, I just had to put the handle bar in place, install the pedals, seat saddle, then install the various safety reflectors. Before you get too excited to ride the bike, I would recommend that 1) check the tire pressure and make sure to add some air so that it's between 35 and 45 PSI, which is written on the tire, and 2) the battery is fully charged before very first use.


> 250W motor with 36V 7.5Ah battery allows around 28 miles range with 15.5 MPH top speed. Please check the local town and state regulation on electric bike's speed. 20 MPH is the limit for my town.

> The bike looks sharp and good looking with black frame color with green accent that makes it look sporty. The handle bar and seat saddle can be adjusted in various height without any tools.

> Dual disc brakes with break on each handle bar and front and center shock absorber suspension makes it smooth and safer ride. Front headlight allows you to ride at night.

> The battery can be locked with provided key or removed to be charged inside the house. After all, the battery is the most expensive component in any electric bike.

> Easy to see LCD screen with various information such as speed, distance, time, battery level, etc. While the unit of measure is Kilometer, it looks like there's a way to change it to Miles when you press the UP and DOWN buttons together to get into the setting mode but I would need to contact the seller to understand which setting can be modified to change the unit of measure.

> You can ride it like a normal bike or use the throttle switch with your thumb to ride a 100% electric bike or use the Pedal Assist Mode to get electric help when you pedal!

> Various reflectors are included for added safety at night and this was the first electric bike that actually included a pretty cool tool kit. Oh, the foldable pedals is a nice touch too!


> It would have been nice to have a tail light that turns on whenever a break is applied.

> Electric horn would have been nice but this is not a big deal as it has a regular bike bell.


10 out of 5 stars. It's very impressive and sporty looking electric bike that I can take with me in my car to any trip or local park. Very well constructed and the ride is very smooth and enjoyable. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for portable electric bike like this, which would make a great commuter's bike.

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