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HD Webcam with Microphone - 1080P Auto Focus Web Camera with Cover

Reviewed by David • January 20, 2022

impressive face detection and tracking that actually works!

This is one impressive HD 1080P webcam with autofocus with face detection and tracking function, and it really works well!

It has so many things that did it right and just works such as:

1) 1080P HD camera with wide angle lens - it can display not just the person sitting in front but also on the sides

2) Slider know on top of the camera that moves the privacy cover in front of the camera lens - quick and easy to open and close the camera lens when you need to use it and after done

3) Autofocus with face detection and tracking - it accurately detects and puts a box around the person's face then automatically changes the focus on it for crystal clear video

4) 2 microphones with noise cancellation allows other parties to hear your voice clearly

5) Plug-N-Play without any installation needed and it comes in a nice retail box

The face detection and tracking works surprisingly well and yo can see the blue box around your face move along as you move in front of the camera, automatically adjusting the focus to it. Amazing webcam that actually works as advertised and claimed. Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it!

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