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GOWWPUN Time Lapse Camera

Reviewed by David • October 15, 2021

simply amazing professional time lapse camera PERIOD!

Let's face it. Time lapse video is really cool and now even iPhones and iPads have time lapse recording function but who would actually use iPhone or iPad to take time lapse photos for months, let alone for days?
We are planning to do major renovation construction for our house and I wanted to capture the progress in time lapse so I purchased this camera and I was so impressed with it. This is truly a camera designed and built for time lapse and it has all the feature you can imagine!


This camera has 2 mounting screw holes for flexibility as well as mounting strap like a trail camera. It comes with a strap as well as clamp and wall mount metal so you can choose to mount this on the side of wall, house, siding, or clamp it to branch, pole, or strap it to a tree or anything you want. Very versatile mounting option and everything you need is included as far as mounting goes.


This camera needs total of 12 AA batteries and batteries are not included. It is a lot of batteries but it supposed to last for months so I don't think it's so bad. The good news is that it comes with 32GB microSD card so you can start using this time lapse camera as long as you have 12 AA batteries. I believe it needs 12 AA batteries so it can record up to 6 months by taking photo every 5 minutes, which is really great.


This camera has a built-in LCD screen like the trail camera and you can actually play the video or see any pictures on the screen. You can also delete, format, etc from the screen using the buttons. It has color LCD screen and the display quality is quite good. I'm very impressed with the screen and interface.


This is where this time lapse camera shines. It has so many advanced feature and options specific to time lapse recording feature. I was thoroughly impressed with everything it provides. I can choose to only take pictures on certain days of the week (for example, skip Saturday and Sunday since they will not be working) and also specify the time of the day! I can also specify the interval I want to take time lapse photo, e.g. every 5 second or every 1 minute.

It also has video recording feature rather than taking time lapse photos but I haven't explored that feature yet. What's really cool is that I can watch the time lapse video right from the camera screen. When I transferred the microSD card to my computer, the time lapse photos were automatically converted to AVI video file. Very cool.

It also has option to be powered by solar panel or electricity but you will need to buy those accessories separately. This is such an amazing time lapse camera and I'm so happy with this purchase and I know I'm going to have a lot of fun and enjoy recording our home remodeling construction with this!

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