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GOOLOO 100W Solar Panel Charger Portable Foldable

Reviewed by David • January 19, 2022

awesome and portable solar panel with minimal storage space

I have many portable power stations for different reasons.
I do take them to camping and outdoor activity events but more importantly, we have power outage in my neighborhood just way too often. Sometimes for more than a day.

I usually keep all my power stations fully charged up using electricity as a backup but I finally decided to purchase a solar panel charger in case I need to use the free sun to charge my power station in case of power outage and I know this will come in handy when I go camping.

I was pleasantly surprised with this 100W solar panel. It's so thin and portable for one thing but it comes with many DC plug adapters so it can work with any power station brands. It has a built-in storage pouch behind the solar panel where you can store the charging cable and its adapters. It also has built-in USB-C and USB-A ports so you can charge your phone or devices from the solar panel even if you don't have portable power station. USB-C is PD 45W and USB-A is QC3.0 so they both support fast charging for compatible devices!

The solar panels folds in half when not in use, protecting the solar panels inside, and it has strong velcro closure to keep them in place as well as nice, comfortable handle for carrying. I also love the foldable kickstand on the back. Everything was designed with portability and storage space in mind!

It's already mid November in NY and freezing cold so the sun is not as strong but I was able to confirm 65W out from this solar panel into my portable power station, which is awesome. I'm certain I can get 100W out during summer when the sun is the strongest.

The solar panels have some sort of protective film over it so they are waterproof and dust resistant. It feels matt on the surface rather than glassy so it feels more secure and durable. Overall, I'm very impressed and happy with this solar panel so far and I highly recommend this to anyone with portable power station or needing to rely on free solar power to charge devices using USB-C or USB-A ports!

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