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Google Nest Outdoor Security Cameras

Reviewed by David • August 19, 2020

good quality camera with the BEST software ** UPDATED **

This is outstanding outdoor camera. I've had it for over a year and it worked without any issue during hurricane, tropical storm, snow storm, and even during polar vortex when outdoor temperature was single digit.

The camera captures excellent high definition video during the day along with pretty decent and impressive night vision video. Please note that you will have to purchase subscription if you want to keep more than last 3 hours of recording but they now offer 5-day option for $50 a year with 50% discount for the second camera subscription so it's very reasonable.
I wish they would offer 3-day option or even 2-day option since you get notifications as motions are detected and you can save and download video clips so I have never had a reason to look back more than 2 days ago.

One of the benefits for the subscription is that the video is stored in secure cloud so even if your camera is tempered, stolen, or destroyed, you can still access the recording up until that moment. This is the biggest downfall for other security cameras that records on memory card without subscription.

I love this camera but more than anything, I love the software app it provides.
Nest really nailed on the design and user experience aspects of security camera.

Imagine that you went away for 3 days and came back to find out that somebody drove into your retaining wall, damaging it but just took off. If you had to rewind and review the 3 days worth of recording even with fast speed, it would take some time and would be tedious. Nest app has easy way to filter only when the motion was captured so you would find it immediately.

It also provides advance feature where you can hand draw any specific areas to create zones so that you can easily filter based on motions detected for that specified zone. This allows me to ignore and not get alerted whenever cars are driving by in front of the street every day but do get notification as soon as any car or person crosses any zone that I have created. Just look at the attached pictures to get an idea of how useful and amazing this zone feature is.

If you are looking for outdoor security camera, look no further. Remember that camera/hardware is just the half of what you need from security and usability point of view. You need good software to have full coverage.

** UPDATED 11/1/2019 **

Both cameras are still working wonderfully after a year and half and I couldn't be any happier. Highly recommend this camera for both hardware and software!

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