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GICHAT 15.6 Inch HD IPS Portable Monitor

Reviewed by David • November 7, 2020

Gorgeous! love at first sight... 😍

My wife is a 3rd party contractor so when she goes to work, she holds a meeting with her clients in an empty conference room and she has to bring her laptop to take notes and use few applications.
Due to pandemic, she has been working from home last few months and holding remote meetings. I gave her one of my monitors so she can connect to her laptop and have dual screens for the first time and after working with 2 screens for a month, she said she can't go back to a single screen anymore and was hoping she can still have 2nd screen when she eventually goes back to work. So I decided to buy this portable monitor so she can carry this with her along with her laptop then she can have 2nd screen anywhere. But this portable monitor turned out to be much more and better than what I expected...


[+] 1080P High Definition resolution on IPS screen. Better than LCD monitors.
[+] 15.6" screen size. Bigger than my wife's laptop screen.
[+] IPS screen provides better viewing angle, color, and contrast.
[+] Excellent refresh rate. You can actually see the flickering on my wife's laptop screen through camera but none on this portable monitor. See the video for yourself!
[+] Solid built quality all around and comes with magnetic cover for protection that can also work as stand with 2 grooves for preset viewing angle stand.
[+] Built-in stereo speakers on the monitor that actually sounds very clear and crisp!
[+] I watched movies and play games on this portable monitor and everything worked beautifully without a lag or glitch.
[+] Connection via USB-C is common in many other portable monitor but this one also has Mini-HDMI connection option, which makes it easy to connect with any computers or laptops with HDMI output! Awesome.
[+] Comes with all the cables and adapters you will ever need to be able to connect to any devices.
[+] Can connect to smartphone and tablets with USB-C port (unfortunately all my iPhones and iPads still have lightning ports so I can't test this).
[+] Easy to change the brightness, video source, volume, etc. using the click dial on the side of the monitor.
[+] Like many other portable monitors, it's very slim profile so perfect for portability.


[-] Absolutely nothing! Maybe they could have added more grooves on the protective cover for more viewing stand angles?


10 out of 5 stars! My wife loves this portable monitor and thanked me so many times for getting this for her. Her work laptop has both USB-C thunderbolt and HDMI ports so she connected her HDMI port to a standard monitor and USB-C thunderbolt to this portable monitor and now she has 3 screens at home! I'm kind of jealous and all my kids want a portable monitor now... It's such a gorgeous and beautiful monitor compared to standard LCD monitors.
BTW, when connected using UBS-C thunderbolt port, one cable acts as the power supply and video/audio so you don't need to plug the monitor to another power source. Pretty awesome and convenient.
Highly recommend this beauty to anyone looking for portable monitor, whether it's for portable game console or to watch a movie on the go or for work. Great solution for all.

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