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FEANS Wireless Earbuds P3 Bluetooth 5.3 Call Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Reviewed by David • May 31, 2023

everything I need at super affordable price

I was looking for wireless earbuds that I can wear while working out and exercising because the Apple AirPods doesn't stay in my ears while exercising. I was skeptical with this earbuds because it was so inexpensive but it turned out to be a good choice as it fits tightly in my ears while blocking out all the noises. It fits snug in my ears and my kids sometimes can't even tell that I'm wearing earbuds and don't know why I'm not answering them when they are calling since I can't hear them due to noise cancelling feature.

I love that the case has digital battery remaining level as well as the battery status of each earbuds. I know exactly how much battery is remaining in the earbuds and how many times the case can recharge the earbuds before it needs to be plugged in to recharge the case. I wish everything else was this clear without having to guess. The sound quality is great with deep base. I wear this during workout at a gym or home but please advise that if you are wearing this outside while running, you might not hear the cars due to superb noise cancelling so please be aware of your surroundings or only wear one earbud when outside. Can't go wrong with this great wireless earbuds for its price!

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