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EVICIV 12.3 inch Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Reviewed by David • February 3, 2021

AMAZING portable monitor at even more AMAZING price!

My wife frequently has meetings in a conference room with her clients at work using her laptop.
She's used to having 3 screens at home using 2 additional monitors but she's limited to just 1 screen on her laptop whenever she's in her company's conference room.

Few months ago, I purchased 15.6" portable monitor for her so she can bring it to work then connect to her laptop for 2nd screen when she's in the conference room.
She loved the 15.6" portable monitor but the portable monitor itself was bigger and just as heavy as her 13.3" laptop! She didn't complain much because it was still better than just having 1 screen with her laptop but she wished that it was lighter and smaller for better portability.

When I saw this 12.3" portable monitor, I just had to get it for her because this was exactly what she was asking for. I was pleasantly surprised that it had a touchscreen display and the price was very affordable!
After using it for couple of weeks, she felt in love with this portable monitor and this became her go-to portable monitor for her work.

Some of the notable features on this monitor are:

✔️ 12.3" screen with very lightweight makes it extremely portable
✔️ Touchscreen feature! This is great if you use this monitor to connect to mobile phone or game console.
✔️ High resolution screen with built-in stereo speakers
✔️ Built-in protective screen that converts to a stand
✔️ Like most portable monitor, it has USB-C thunderbolt port - this means you just plug this into a laptop with USB-C thunderbolt port and you are all set!
✔️ Mini HDMI port for greater compatibility with other devices but you will also need to plug into outlet using USB-C PD port for power
✔️ Easy access to menu setting as well as volume control buttons on the side
✔️ Came with all the cables you need as well as USB-C port charging wall adapter
✔️ Feels solid and well built.
✔️ All these amazing features at such an amazing affordable price!


10 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this EVICIV portable monitor to anyone looking for additional screen on the go. The screen looks sharp and the audio quality is crisp and loud. This is such a great value for the money. You really can't go wrong with this monitor! We are 100% satisfied with it.

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