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EVERCROSS EV10Z App-Enabled Electric Scooter

Reviewed by David • September 30, 2022

great electric scooter with so many things designed right

I had many electric scooters before but this EV10Z model by EVERCROSS is one of my favorite scooters for couple of reasons. They really nailed the some of the short comings of other electric scooters. Keep reading to find out why this might be one of the best electric scooters for commuters and why this is different and better than other similar electric scooters.


It was delivered in one big heavy duty box and it was very well packaged with fitted foams to protect all areas of scooter. Minimal assembly was needed as I just had to insert the handle bar to the long bar then tighten the hex screws with the provided hex bars. Quick and simple.

I immediately noticed the big LED screen and it shows so much information about the setting and current mode. I opened the box at night time and I was able to see the LED screen very clear even in the dark.
The head light is very bright and I love the fact that the tail light blinks when the break is applied. This is so much better than simply brightening the tail light like many other electric scooters. By making the tail light blink, it catches the attention better for the people and car behind you for additional safety. Well done.


I was able to download the free app and easily pair it using Bluetooth. The app shows the total remaining battery level digitally as well as total mileage and current trip mileage. I also like that it gives option to go on a cruise mode as well as switch to Zero start, which means the accelerator works immediately even when the scooter is not in motion. As you may know, many electric scooter's motor only kicks in when the wheels are in motion but this scooter has the option to do that or activate the accelerator even from standing still, which is really cool feature that I have yet to found in any other electric scooters.

One of my favorite designs on this scooter is that it has a separate metal clip on the platform near the rear wheel where you can lock the handle bar for carrying when folded. This is, again, a design that I have yet to see in any other electric scooters and this makes total sense as many others lock the handle bar onto the fender of the tail light but this sometimes causes damage or breaks the fender as it may not be strong or sturdy. I feel so much better that this scooter has dedicated metal clip on the platform to lock in the handle bar. Amazing design. Bravo!


With peak power of 500W using brushless motor, this scooter can hit the max speed of 19MPH and has max range of 22 miles, thanks to 36V 10.4Ah battery. I love the 10" solid tires so I don't have to worry about checking and adding air, and shock absorbers in both front and back provides smooth and comfortable ride even for me, who's 5'11" tall and 180lbs in weight.

It looks great and it's easy to fold and unfold in seconds. I can carry it with just one hand to go up the stairs or to put it in the car's trunk. I only wish that it had electric bell rather than mechanical bell so that it's easier to warn the people in front of you with just a press of a button rather than trying to manually fling the bell for the sound, but this is very minor thing as they have done so many other things perfectly.


Easily 10 out of 5 stars! As mentioned above, they really studied all the short comings in other electric scooters then executed the design that solved those problems. I highly recommend this electric scooter without any reservation. I know you will love it.

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