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EVERCROSS Electric Scooter 800W

Reviewed by David • December 15, 2021

not only the coolest but also the most powerful electric scooter

I've had many shares of electric scooters in the past but this is by far the most powerful yet the coolest electric scooters I've had or seen. It's packed with clever design, feature with safety in mind yet they didn't cut back on the performance. This is my new favorite electric scooter and I can ride this all day, well only because I don't have to stand while riding!


[+] 800W brushless motor that can go up to 28MPH! Yes, 28MPH. It's not legal to go over 20MPH in NY but you can change the max speed mode. Wow...
[+] Battery range up to 25 miles on a full charge with up to 330lbs max load.
[+] Comfortable seat saddle so you can ride this sitting down or the seat can be easily detached and folded.
[+] Quick and easy one step folding for carrying up the stairs or for storage. The handles can be easily folded as well, allowing easier transportation by car.
[+] Safety pin to prevent accidental folding with the pin attached to the scooter with metal cable so you won't lose it.
[+] Front and rear disc brakes, which can be applied by hands on both handles
[+] Front and rear shock absorption to smoother ride on bumpy road
[+] Large and color LCD screen that is very easy to see even during day light and at night, which speed, gear, battery and distance information.
[+] Cool throttle handle design right next to the right handle bar to trigger acceleration of electric power.
[+] Front headlight, left/right turn signal lights, and taillight blinks when applying breaks - awesome safety feature
[+] RGB LED moving lights under the pedal for night riding, which also turns on the taillight for extra safety for cars behind you
[+] Key to lock/unlock the electric mode, which is cool feature since this electric scooter maybe too fast for unattended children
[+] Electric horn and kickstand are nice touch


[-] I only wish there was a way to change the unit of measure displayed on the LCD screen so I can see in Miles rather than in Kilometers but this is not a deal breaker but would have been nice to see in unit that I can understand better and relate to.
[-] This didn't have option to connect with smart app like some other advanced escooters have


10 out of 5 stars. This scooter was designed with so many things and safety in mind. It's a near perfection and I only regret that LCD displays in Kilometers rather than in Miles. The scooter is very heavy but this is mainly due to the big battery capacity. You can't have lightweight scooter with long distance range and you can't have small battery capacity with big power motor. It simply doesn't and can't work that way.

This is a perfect electric scooter for city commuters as you can sit while riding and has all the safety feature and even turn signals, which is much needed when riding in busy traffic. I highly recommend this electric scooters for any adults, especially for commuters who doesn't want to take the bus or subway in the city. This electric scooter can take you anywhere with the long distance range and comfortable seat saddle. Nicely done!

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