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EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max (2000) Portable Power Station

Reviewed by David • December 8, 2021

not just the most powerful portable power station but also the most advanced one out there!

I have many portable power stations at my house in different sizes and battery capacity.
I personally love these little work horses and I take them to camping and outdoor activity events so I'm covered for charging all of my family's devices such as iPhones, iPads, and even laptops.
More importantly, I keep them fully charged because we have power outage in my neighborhood more often that I would like to have. Sometimes for more than a day.

I have some well known brand 500W portable power station with 750W peak support but I didn't realize until not too long ago that this is not even close enough to support even small appliances such as electric heater, electric kettle or hair dryers. You see, these appliances need at least 1200W to run them.

I went camping this past summer and brought my electric kettle so I can boil water for coffee and teas. I brought my favorite portable power station and bragged to my friends that I have a way to easily boil water to make coffee in the middle of mountains at the camping ground but that turned out to be humiliation when my portable power station could not even power the electric kettle for simple water boiling. I initially thought my power station was defective but later learned that it doesn't have high watt output to support the watts that electric kettle and other smaller appliances need.

Fast forward few months from that camping trip and now I have this ECOFLOW DELTA Max that can support up to 2400W continuous output and 5000W surge output. This thing is not just a beast but I would consider it as the king of all portable power stations because I was really impressed with its feature, capability as well as free app that you can download and install on your smartphone to check and control this power station all from the app! Simply amazing and advanced power station that has all the bells and whistles!


✔️ 2016Wh battery capacity - that's a huge battery power
✔️ Due to the large battery capacity and cell, this beast weight almost 50lbs but it has two sturdy handles that you can use to lift and transport, making it still portable
✔️ 6 AC outlets! All my other portable power stations at most have 2 AC outlets.
✔️ 4 USB-A ports with 2 Fast Charge support
✔️ 2 USB-C PD ports with up to 100W support per port!
✔️ 1 Cigarette lighter socket to power any devices with car charger
✔️ 2 DC charging ports
✔️ Super fast charging technology, including support for dual charging mechanism, which is really cool feature
✔️ Amazing app for the smartphone that can check all live status as well as power on/off any ports!
✔️ Clear and easy to read LCD screen with total input and output wattage as well as battery level % and remaining time based on current usage! Something I haven't seen in other power station. Well done.
✔️ The body material is well built and feels rock solid. The packaging with fitted foam was equally impressive.
✔️ This brand is now becoming well established brand and receiving recognitions so I'm sure they have great customer support.


⛔ It is a bit pricey but if you calculate the cost compare to other portable power station based on what this can support and deliver, it's actually very worth it. I think of it as an investment to support my family and life style at home and for outdoor living.
⛔ It is heavy but this is something you can't avoid when getting high capacity battery cell. It would have been nice to have 2 wheels with a pully design but this is not a deal breaker.


Like I said earlier, this is not only a beast but also the king of portable power station. I wouldn't even say this one is equivalent to 4 of my other power stations combined since none of them can even power electric kettle to boil water. I'm now eyeing on smaller ECOFLOW power stations to possibly replace my other power stations to every day outdoor activities with much more easier portability but this one will be perfect for road trips, camping trip, and even at home when we have power outage. Highly recommend this amazing unit without any reservation. Bravo!

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