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EF ECOFLOW DELTA 2 Portable Power Station

Reviewed by David • November 2, 2022

impressive power, capacity and portability - all in one!

I have many portable power stations ranging from 300W to 2,000W capacity because I do many outdoor activities such as camping, road trips, fishing, and even working with power tools in my backyard that may require AC outlets for corded tools. In addition, our neighborhood loses power often some times for days and more so these days due to climate changes. Sometimes we lose power for more than a day and these portable power stations come in handy to save all the food in the refrigerators.

Please note that not all power stations are equal. Just because they all have AC outlets in them, it doesn't mean you can just plug in anything and expect them to work. The total output wattage determines what kind of electric devices or appliances you can plug in and how long they will last. Many small appliances such as hair dryer, electric kettle, and portable heaters require at least 1,000 to 1,500W to power them. For example, if you plug in hair dryer to a 500W power station and turn it on then the power station will automatically shut off because it can't handle the wattage. However, the power stations with high wattage capacity does not necessarily mean it's better because 1) it will be a lot more expensive, and 2) it becomes less portable as they will get big and very heavy!

I actually own ECOFLOW DELTA Max that can handle 2400W with 5000W surge and I love it, except for the fact that it is pretty big and heavy. I use it to rely on to power my refrigerator and appliances when I have power outage but I only wish that it was more portable and lighter so that it's easier to carry them outside. That's the exact reason why I got this DELTA 2 power station! This is baby can support up to 1800W total with 2700W surge while maintaining smaller size at below 30lbs in weight! How amazing!


The packaging was very impressive with super thick padded foams on top and bottom that basically covered all sides around the unit. It has very large and comfortable handles on both sides of the power station and I can easily just lift and carry with one hand without any struggle. It's truly portable! Surprisingly, it has just has many AC outlets and USB charging ports as my DELTA Max so there are plenty of places to plug in for AC corded devices as well as USB-A and USB-C cables!


It has very clear and large LED screen that shows the total input and output wattage in real time, in addition to remaining battery percentage and time. Very useful information. It also can be connected to an app on the smart phone and you can even see more detail on the app, such as the total output wattages for each of the port types! Very impressive indeed but what I'm truly impressed about more than anything is the recharge time. When I plugged this power station to my wall AC outlet, I heard the fan kick in and it started to draw 1200W from my house! It can actually charge zero to 80% capacity in less than an hour!

Please note that this portable power station has LFP battery, which is not only safer compared to Lithium Ion batteries but also has much higher recycle time, allowing you to recharge several thousand times without losing the battery capacity so this power station has all the good design and feature that can last for years to come.


Easily 10 out of 5 stars! With all the advance feature and awesome components at smaller size and weight, this is a no brainer power station that is truly portable yet powerful to take on any job both indoor and outdoor. I would highly recommend this DELTA 2 without any reservation!

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