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Dual Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone iPad Android

Reviewed by David • September 25, 2022

almost perfect cordless lavalier mics for 2 people

I have a cordless lavalier microphone for my iPhone that I use for outdoor recording when I'm riding a bike or scooter so I can set up the camera on a tripod and still talk into it while riding it from a distance. It's great to be cordless yet record voice clearly as if you are holding the phone in front of you. Only draw back was that only one person can talk and it would not record the voice even if someone was holding the phone and talking. So I got this dual lavalier microphone and it's awesome because it not only comes with two lavalier microphones but it has a storage case that acts as a charging station when you put them back inside case. The case has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged with USB-C cable and it shows the remaining battery level digitally on the case. When the lavalier microphones are being charged inside the case, you will see a red light turned on for each microphone.

It does come with an adapter for Lightning port so it can work with iPhone or iPad but I only wish that the storage case had a place to keep the adapter as well. I not only have to store the adapter separately from the storage case but if I misplace or lose the adapter then I won't be able to use this wonderful dual lavalier microphones with my iPhone. I guess this is not a big deal for android users who doe not need the Lightning adapter. I really do love this device and it works wonderfully but I just have to be careful not to misplace the Lightning adapter. 5 out of 5 stars!

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