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DIGITNOW Wireless Bluetooth Turntable HiFi System with 36 Watt Detachable Speakers

Reviewed by David • August 26, 2020

WOW... room filled sound with deep bass without distortion! retro meets technology...

I love vinyl records. No digital music can match the music played from vinyl in my opinion.
I've been collecting 33' and 45' LPs for over 30 years and I own Wurlitzer jukebox as well as few other turntables.
My current main turntable is Audio-Technica, which is more of modern turntable that is hooked up to a small speaker using 3mm audio jack.
I got this wooden turntable because it has the classy look and it comes with 2 amazing speakers. While this turntable looks retro, it also features modern technology to play music via Bluetooth, as well as covert any vinyl music into MP3 digital format!


[+] Heavy wooden turntable that is classy looking.
[+] The sound quality from included speakers is unbelievable. It can easily fill the entire room with heavy bass yet without any distortion.
[+] Supports both 33' and 45' LPs using included adapter.
[+] Can play music via Bluetooth connection to take advantage of these amazing speakers.
[+] Convert vinyl music to MP3 digital format using the included USB cable and software.
[+] Price is very good compared to other similar turntables that do not include speakers.
[+] Love the volume dial and happy that it's not the Up/Down click buttons to change the volume.
[+] Did I mention that sound quality is out of this world?


[-] It would have been nice if this had full automatic start and stop feature
[-] It would have been nice to have a place to hold/store the adapter for 45' LP


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this classy wooden turntable to any vinyl enthusiast like myself and you won't be disappointed. I'm planning to convert all of my vinyl to MP3 so I can enjoy the sound of the needle going over a dust on a vinyl in digital format

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