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DIGITNOW Record Player, Turntable Suitcase with Multi-Function

Reviewed by David • November 30, 2022

simply amazing and love the retro suitcase look!

I'm an avid LP/record guy where I have collected tons of 45's and 33's for over 30 years now.
I even own Wurlitzer open top jukebox that can hold 100 45's and play them with a push of buttons.

I now have my own collection of various record players and I've had good experience with this brand in the past so it was no brainer when I saw this awesome retro suitcase looking recorder player that can also play FM radio, MP3 from USB drive, and even has Bluetooth capability! It has so many feature that I'm not even sure if I can mention all of them but I will try to highlight why this is such an amazing audio player.

I love that it also has built-in speaker on both sides of the suitcase so you can start listening to FM radio or stream from Bluetooth device immediately. You can press and hold the "play" button while in FM mode to scan all the available stations then use next/previous buttons to toggle through the stations.

It also has built-in MP3 player so you can play MP3 songs from USB thumb drive or SD memory card. I tried playing MP3 from USB thumb drive and it worked flawlessly. You can pause or skip songs using the control buttons.

The record player itself is also solid, I love that it has adapter for the 45's and a place to store it. It has a switch to change the RPM and I played both 33' and 45's, and they worked wonderfully. I really appreciate the fact that the volume control is a dial control rather than volume up/down buttons.

The most amazing part about this player is that you can play your favorite LPs then convert that to MP3 in digital form to USB thumb drive so you can preserve them and listen to them digitally at your convenience! This feature itself is well worth getting this player in my opinion.

There are few other nice design such as 3.5mm and RCA audio output as well as 3.5mm aux input but I just love the look of this retro style suitcase that will look great even when not being used.
Highly recommend this splendid multi-audio player without any reservation. Bravo!

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