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DIGITNOW All-in-One Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo Speaker

Reviewed by David • October 6, 2020

I'm so amazed that I'm speechless with huge smile on my face! 😍

This audio player is something that I've been looking for very long time and I didn't know there was such all-in-one audio player that can play everything!

I'm a huge LP guy and I've been collecting 33' and 45' records for over 30 years and I also have large collection of CDs and mix cassette tapes.
I still remember making mix tapes for my friends and girl friends in High School so we can listen to them in Walkman... haha 😁

Anyways, I am so impressed with this audio player because it combines the past audio source and present audio source such as USB and Bluetooth!


[+] It can play literally any audio source! (maybe not 8-track tape though 😁)
[+] Turntable on top that can play 33' or 45' with 45' adapter with a holding place
[+] Cassette tape player on the side, which you can fast forward by pressing the eject button half way
[+] CD player with slid out CD tray
[+] FM/AM player with frequency change dial (rather than buttons) as well as memory function to remember favorite stations
[+] USB and SD slots, which can play MP3 files directly! This player is MP3 player itself...
[+] Bluetooth feature so you can play music from your smartphone or tablet to these speakers
[+] AUX-IN to connect a audio player that doesn't have Bluetooth feature. AUX cable included
[+] Headphone jack so you can listen in private, if needed
[+] Volume control using a dial rather than clickie click buttons (except on the remote control)
[+] You can record CD, cassette tape, and LP while playing directly to USB drive or SD card. Awesome!
[+] Great sound at great price!


[-] I wish the speaker connector was speaker wires rather than RCA jack for more versatile speaker option but this is not a deal breaker since it comes with two speakers already


10 out of 5 stars! This is a MUST-HAVE for any music lover, especially those who's old enough to have LPs, cassette tapes, and CDs like me! 😜
Highly recommended. You won't regret it... I'm just so impressed and speechless. DIGITNOW, thank you for making this amazing player!

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