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Digital Electronic Metronome Tuner

Reviewed by David • May 20, 2017

This product review is for Digital Electronic Metronome Tuner by Tanbi Music.

My son started taking a guitar lesson during his 2nd grade so we bought him a guitar and I had to look for a guitar tuner so I can help him tune his guitar whenever his guitar goes out of tune during the practice at home.

I actually used to play guitar myself during my high school year and I had owned a classic guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a guitar tuner.
I never reached a level where I can tune the guitar with just my ears so I had to always rely on the tuner and knew exactly how to use one.

So shopping for a guitar tuner for my son was not a new territory for me and I purchased this product because it had pretty good customer reviews in Amazon and the price was also good.

I can't post any pictures taken with my camera because I ended up returning this product and purchased a different guitar tuner, which I will write another review for.

It appears that this is a tuner for various instruments and I can't speak for any other instruments but I can say that this is not the tuner for you if you are planning to purchase this solely for tuning a guitar.

I was looking for a no-brainer, dead-simple guitar tuner with just one button to cycle through the strings (in addition to a power switch of course). However, this device has a rather big and complex LCD screen with 5 buttons, making it pretty confusing and over complicated to use without looking up the instruction manual.

More than anything, the tuner was too sensitive to any noise and sound, making it extremely difficult to tune a guitar. I got so frustrated after using it for just 2 days, I just returned it and decided to look for a simpler tuner that is dedicated to tuning a guitar and guitar only.

David's Conclusion


  • Supposedly, it can be used to tune many different instruments
  • Metronome feature with adjustable tempos
  • Price


  • Tuner is too sensitive, hence making it very difficult to tune a guitar
  • Too many buttons and features on LCD screen, making it too complex

My Wishlist

  • Just 1 button to cycle through guitar strings and 1 power switch
  • Simpler tuning screen with just gauge needle and string indicator

Alternative Products

Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • If you are looking for a tuner just for a guitar, then there are better products available.

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