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COZPUZHAT Digital Camera with 2 batteries (Pink)

Reviewed by David • January 4, 2022

impressive digital camera even for adult

I bought this for my daughter in Middle School because she loves to take photos as hobby but this digital camera is very impressive one. I picked this one over other digital cameras because this one was one of rare ones that came with 2 rechargeable batteries. This is a MUST-HAVE feature for any digital camera in my opinion since you don't want to be interrupted and miss the kodak moment just because your battery died.

It also comes with compact charger that can be charged using USB port so I also got a portable charger for my daughter so she can recharge the 2nd battery on the go so she will always have a spare battery ready to be used when the current one is completely drained. I also appreciate that it came with 32GB of memory card so you are basically ready to shoot and record video as soon as you open the box!

This digital camera is so feature packed! It has all the advanced feature you find in high end digital camera, such as continuous shooting mode, anti-shaking, timer setting with different interval, face detection, and many more!

It also came with wrist strap and a soft storage pouch. Oh, the 16x digital zoom is also nice feature. All the setting can be easily seen and changed using the large LCD screen that is very bright and clear even outdoor. My daughter also loves the bright pink color. Highly recommend this digital camera for any child or teen!

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