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DEENO Portable Power Station 1500W, 1036Wh LiFePO4 Battery

Reviewed by David • February 8, 2023

impressive power and capability with LiFePO4 battery

I have many portable power stations ranging from 100W to 4000W capacity. I do have few mid range power stations that are 500W to 1000W but this 1500W power station is just the perfect capacity for upper-mid range with very lightweight and impressive form factor that makes it truly portable. I personally love this little work horse because I can take it with me practically anywhere from camping to outdoor activity events so that I'm covered for charging all my family's devices such as iPhones, iPads, portable speakers, flashlights and even laptops. More importantly, I keep my portable power stations fully charged because we have power outage in my neighborhood more often that I would like to have, sometimes for more than a day.

I initially purchased 500W portable power stations with 750W peak support but I didn't realize that it wasn't even close enough to support even small appliances such as electric kettle or hair dryer because these need at least 1200W to run them. I still remember the very first time I brought my 500W portable power station on a camping trip with my friends and how I bragged to them that I can easily boil water to make coffee at the camp site using my power station and electric kettle but that turned out to be humiliation when my 500W power station couldn't power the electric kettle and kept shutting down. I initially thought that my power station was defective but later learned that it didn't have enough juice to support the wattage that electric kettle needed so I upgraded to 2000W and even 4000W power stations. Only problem is that these 2000 to 4000W power stations also came with hefty price and was bulky and heavy weight, making it not really portable. That's why this 1500W DEENO portable power station is so awesome because it have all the best parts from portability to power capacity.


✔️ 1036Wh battery capacity that can support continuous 1500W with 3000W peak.
✔️ LiFePO4 battery, which means safer and much longer cycle life for years after years.
✔️ 3 AC outlets with pure sine wave support
✔️ 3 USB-A fast charging ports and 2 USB-C ports
✔️ 1 Cigarette lighter socket to power any devices with car charger
✔️ 2 DC charging ports (120W and 60W)
✔️ Wireless charging - this is really cool feature that I haven't seen in other power station. It allows me to easily charge my iPhone 12 Mini without hassle of cable.
✔️ LED light lantern on the back with 3 brightness settings plus SOS emergency mode!
✔️ Clear and easy to read LED screen with total input and output wattage as well as battery level % and remaining time based on current usage.
✔️ Easy to carry handles that automatically lifts up to provide comfortable grips.
✔️ Impeccable packaging with fitted foam inside and double boxed!
✔️ Powerful yet lightweight, making it truly portable.


⛔ It would have been great if it had dual recharge mode found in other power stations, which allows me to charging the power station using AC outlet and USB-C port together for faster recharge time.
⛔ I wish that it had Anderson port for connecting the solar panels with Anderson cables but this is not a deal breaker as it came with MC-4 connector as well as DC connector.


As mentioned earlier, this is not only a beast that can take on any situation and condition for charging and powering several devices and appliances but it's really portable, making it easy to bring with me wherever I go. This will be my go-to power station for camping trip and other outdoor activities. I was able to use hair dryer and electric kettle with this power station without any problem. Love it and highly recommend it! Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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