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Cordless Electric Air Duster & Vacuum 2 in 1

Reviewed by David • September 2, 2022

compact and portable with strong suction power

This is 2 in 1 cordless electric air blower and vacuum with very interesting design in deed. You simply rotate the body to change from suck to blow. I was curious how this works so I opened the dust container to see what's behind and I saw 2 openings where one of them is covered depending on which mode you are on. This is very clever design because it's one of rare 2-in-1 where both the suction and blower are using the same opening. They also had to come up with a flap in the center of the HEPA filter so that air is blown out in the center of the HEPA filter without disturbing other collected/trapped dust. I would still empty the dust container before using it as air blower since I don't want to blow the trapped dust everywhere.


[+] It comes with 3 HEPA filters, which is very generous.
[+] It's charged with USB-C cable and the battery seems to last long, thanks to 7500mAH battery.
[+] Very powerful motor with 2 speed control. I find that vacuuming works extremely well for its size.
[+] It has a built-in LED light that turns on when using the device, which is very useful when vacuuming dark places, such as under the couch or desk.
[+] Comes with attachment with a brush, which works well picking up smallest trash and dusts
[+] Looks elegant and pretty.


[-] It would have been great to include a storage case but this is not a deal breaker as I can keep them in the original box, which has a molded spaces to fit all items perfectly.
[-] When I twist to change from blower to vacuum, the attached brush head also turns and it's positioned side way in vertical. It would have been better if the brush head was horizontal but this is not big deal.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Very good value for 2 functions in 1 with very powerful motor and large battery capacity. We used this to vacuum our car, sofa, and tight spaces around the house that have accumulated dust over time. Very impressed and pleased with it.

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