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Compressed Air Duster, Electric Air Duster and Vacuum 2 in 1

Reviewed by David • November 4, 2022

almost perfect but still the best 2-in-1 air duster and vacuum

This is my 4th 2-in-1 air duster and vacuum device and is absolute my favorite one in terms of design and performance. My first 2-in-1 has one opening where you have to turn the body so that the opening can be used for suction or blower. I initially thought this was a neat design but in reality, this was horrible design since I can't change it to blower after using it as a vacuum as all the dust and stuff that were sucked in would get blown out if I don't empty it first. The 2nd and 3rd 2-in-1 were basically like this one where it has a separate opening for suction and blower but the opening for the blower was on the side of the device so sometimes I would accidentally blow dust and other stuff on the side when using the vacuum. That's why I knew this would be perfect since the opening for the blower and duster was on the opposite ends, behind each other, and I was right!

it came inside a shrink wrapped box and I couldn't believe it has so many adapters for different purposes. I only wish that it came with a storage bag/case or better yet, a place to store these adapters around the unit so it's readily accessible to switch the adapter and never misplace them.

I love the digital LCD screen that shows the remaining battery percentage and it has 3 levels of suction/blower, which are pretty impressive in terms of performance. Now, there are the ways how this could have been the perfect 2-in-1 unit:

1) I wish it came with one extra washable filter
2) I wish the container for the dust bin was slightly bigger
3) I wish the dust bin had auto-block design so that it blocks the opening when vacuum is not on so that I don't accidentally tilt and spill what's been captured inside the dust bin.

These are all very minor improvements compared to what this unit is actually capable of, and this unit is the best 2-in-1 air duster/vacuum I've seen so far so I would highly recommend it and looking forward to see the next revision with some of these enhancements applied. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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