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CASECUBE Autofocus Webcam with Microphone

Reviewed by David • December 28, 2021

finally a clever design with HD video quality

Privacy is the most concern when it comes to web camera so I never buy a webcam without a privacy cover.
Having said that, removing or closing the privacy cover on the webcams are very cumbersome and it's not so easy sometimes, specially those sliding cover. The flip up privacy cover works better and easier but they don't always stay up and sometimes comes down. I often see my kids not utilizing the privacy cover on their webcams because of these reasons but when I saw this webcam, I knew right away that they did something different and done right!

This webcam has a unique design where you push the side in and the camera lens moves inwards, naturally going out of sight from the opening, hence blocking the camera lens. When you push it again, it pops out and the camera lens comes back to the opening. It's very easy and dead simple and clear way to use the camera with privacy in mind.

What's cool is that it also has a light built-in, which is only visible when the camera lens is visible. You press the button on top to turn on the light and it really does make a difference in video quality due to the light. I'm also impressed with the video quality but wasn't surprised since it has 2K SONY CMOS sensor. One of the best video quality I've seen in a webcam.

I've used it with Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype so far and they all worked flawlessly with high quality video and they had no problem hearing me through the mic on this webcam. Amazing camera with high quality and clever design. Well done! Highly recommend it.

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