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BUOTH AI Language Translator

Reviewed by David • May 11, 2021

impressive little device with so many advanced features

I never had a translation device and I purchased this for my dad, who's not fluent with English.
On top of that, he meets customers who can't speaker English time to time so I decided to get him to translator device because he also does not know how to use smartphone for some of the translation apps, which will require Internet.

Please note that this device came with 100% battery drained so I originally thought that it was broken because it would not turn on. I plugged in to charge but it still didn't show any message or turned on so I was ready to contact the seller or return it but few minutes later, it turned on with 1% battery level. So, if you encounter this problem, make sure to plug it in and charge it 100% before using it.

Once it was charged and ready to use, I was really impressed with bright color screen, which happens to be a touch screen. I can swipe to go to the 2nd menu screen and touch the icon to open specific feature.

It also has + and - touch button to change the volume without going into the setting page, and it has a main button in the middle, which always exits the current page and takes you out to the main menu (similar to iPhone's HOME button).

What I'm really impressed was that it has two dedicated buttons: red and blue. You can select 2 different languages that you want to translate to and from and you can use the red and blue button on the device to choose the source language that you want to translate! This is such a great design!

For example, I can choose English and Spanish as the languages then press and hold the red button to speak English to it then it will say the translation in Spanish. I can then press and hold the blue button to speak Spanish to it then it will say the translation in English!
This feature obviously comes very handy when you are talking to another person, who doesn't speak your language. You can use one button to say what you want then use the other button to listen to what they are saying to you. Very clever and practical design and feature.

It also has photo translation where you can take picture and it will translate the writings on the picture. I found the translation to be very accurate and fast. It even recognized hand written script in another language.

Please note that both Speech translation and Photo translation require internet, which can be a problem if you are outside without Wi-Fi. That's when this little device shines because it also has Offline translation feature and can still do the same translation without internet! Please note that you will need to download the language packs first by connecting to your Wi-Fi. I just downloaded all language packs, which are: English (already included), Chinese (Traditional), French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, German and Spanish. Wow, very impressive list of offline languages it can support.

The touch screen is very responsive and easy to see in any setting. It's perfect size in you hand and everything can be access with just one hand. I am thoroughly impressed with this translation device and I know my dad will love it too.

Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for accurate translation and pronunciation!

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