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BOOVV Night Vision Binoculars

Reviewed by David • February 6, 2021

Amazing night vision feature but also great as daytime binoculars!

This is such an amazing night binoculars that has awesome night vision capability.
What's really cool is that you can see clearly in the dark yet there's no light coming out from the binoculars, making it total stealth mode. When I turn on the night vision mode, it seems like I'm turning on a bright flashlight but there's no light turned on... I guess that's the magic of infrared red light!

✔️ Viewing LCD Screen:
I love the HD color LCD screen, which makes the using the binocular super easy and clear. You don't have to put your eyes right against the viewing lens like the traditional binoculars. I hate using the traditional binoculars because my eyelash sometimes get in the way and it feels like it's poking my eyelids.
Well, this HD LCD screen makes it like viewing a screen on your smartphone and it's one big screen so there's no poking on your eyelids and you can see it clearly whether you put this close to your eyes or not.

✔️ Night Vision:
It really works! You can see clearly in the dark and there's 5 different levels of IR light you can change using the IR +/- buttons on top. Technology has evolved so much and I can't believe you can get this type of capability at the price they offer. Simply amazing.

✔️ Buttons:
There are 6 buttons on top. You only need to use the 4 buttons while using the binoculars and those 4 buttons can be easily accessed with your left and right index fingers while holding the binoculars. The MODE button allows you to switch from video recording mode to photo taking mode to playback mode. You can then use the "SHOT" button to start/stop recording, take photo, or play/stop video depending on the mode you are in. Very simple.

✔️ Save and Playback:
Unlike traditional binoculars, this one is digital. This means everything you see through this binocular can be recorded as photo and video. You can then use the HD LCD screen to view the photos or playback the video recordings. While in the playback mode, you use the IR +/- buttons to see the next or previous photo/video. Again, very simple and intuitive controls.

✔️ Zoom/Focus Dial:
This actually might be one of my favorites features of this binoculars. Everyone knows that a dial control is so much easier and faster to use compared to buttons whether it's a volume, zoom, or focus controls. The zoom/focus dial on the front left lens makes it faster to focus clearly even when the object is very close. I'm glad that they didn't use buttons for the zoom/focus feature.

✔️ Memory Card and Resolution:
It comes with 32GB memory card that is already inserted so you are basically ready to start taking photos or record video. I would suggest that you check the menu setting to set the date and time first since you probably want to set the correct date/time for the video and photo.
You can also change the resolution for the video and photo in the setting so I would also recommend that you change it to higher quality.

✔️ Others:
I like that it comes with a shoulder strap style carrying bag, which can be also used for storage. I just wish that it had more padding inside the bag for better protection against the bumps or drops but it's a very nice bag with big zipper opening for easy access and to put it back in.
It also comes with a neck trap so you should probably use it in case you drop this by accident...
You will need 6 AA batteries to power this on and I like that it has a pull tab in the battery compartments so it's easy to remove them when it's time for replacement.
The bottom of the binoculars has a standard thread for tripods in case you want to record something for long time or in more stable mode without the shake.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars! This is such an amazing binoculars for its price and for all the features that it provides. It's already a great digital binoculars that can record and take pictures with but the night vision feature is just the icing on the cake! Highly recommend this awesome night vision binoculars.

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