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BODEGA 12 Volt Car Refrigerator

Reviewed by David • June 16, 2023

wonderful! so many things done right...

Every year our family goes camping for 2 nights and we also rent a beach house for 7 nights.
We have so many ice boxes and even those expensive cooler backpack but all of these requires and rely on having ice in there in order to keep the food and beverage cold. We always have to make sure we have enough ice or we end up buying a bag or two of ice bags from local supermarket whenever we go on our family vacation.

I've been eyeing on the portable car refrigerator for a long time and I've been researching and comparing them but when I saw this particular one on sale, I just had to get it and it was definitely a great decision.

This car refrigerator looks like an icebox with 2 wheels but this is really a full blown refrigerator with a compressor! What I love about this portable car refrigerator is that unlike other similar car refrigerator, this one has two compartments with dual zone temperature control!. This means I can use any one compartment as a freezer and the other one as a refrigerator or use both as freezer or both as refrigerator! This was the main reason why I bought this particular brand but I was pleasantly surprised with so many advanced feature and design when I received it.

It has a built-in cutting board under the cover that can be removed and it has a placeholder on top of the door cover for it so you can use it to cut fruits or cheese, etc. There are also 4 indented bottle holders that can hold your soda cans, beer bottles or even wine bottle. I only wish it had a built-in beer bottle opener somewhere and that would have been really cool.

It came with charger for AC adapter and cigarette lighter adapter, which means I can even use it at my house as a spare refrigerator when needed or even in my backyard by plugging into outdoor AC outlet when having backyard party to keep the drinks cold. It also has a compartment for optional external battery so you can power this by battery if you want.

The cigarette lighter adapter will certainly come in handy during the summer even at home because we can bring this to our food shopping to keep seafood and ice cream fresh especially during hot summer in the car trunk where they can melt or go bad when coming back from supermarket far from home. We can of course plug it into car lighter socket when going camping or road trip as well.

I actually have a solar panel charger as well as many portable power station so I can use either of them to power this car refrigerator when I'm at beach or outdoor in camping site. I just have to make sure this car refrigerator is out of sun under the tree or beach tent (according to the user manual). I love that the handle can be extended out so you can pull this on 2 wheels when moving from one location to other. It also has a foldable handle on the other side so you can grab both handles to lift them up or to carry up the stairs, etc. The outside material is very sturdy and looks durable.

I love the LCD screen and touch controls outside where you can change the temperature for both zones and some settings. It has Bluetooth connectivity and you can download free app for your smartphone to monitor and control the refrigerator, which is really cool. It was very simple to connect and use the app.

Finally, it has few nice touches such as drain hole with cover to you can easily empty any water in the compartment, LED lights on both sides so you can still see it in the dark, and removable compartment cage so you can remove the entire compartment without lifting the refrigerator. BTW, I purchased the 35L size and mine didn't have the USB charging port by the LCD screen but looks like the bigger models have this feature but this is not a big deal for me as this portable car refrigerator already has so many features that I wasn't expecting.

I can't wait to use this during the summer at my backyard, during food shopping and for our family vacation trip. This was one of the best purchase I made in a while and I know I will get good use out of it.
I did test it out to make sure the compressor works without any problem and I was pleasantly surprised how fast it got cold inside and I love that I can see the inside temperature from the outside LCD screen. I highly recommend this amazing car refrigerator!

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