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Beelink U57 Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 256GB SSD, Mini PC Windows10 Pro

Reviewed by David • August 18, 2020

mind blowing... still amazed at this mini PC every day

I'm a IT professional and I built my first PC from scratch 30 years ago by buying the motherboard, memory, hard drive, and the case all separately. How technology has evolved since then...

I still have one desktop computer at home but all my kids and my wife and I now use a laptop or Chromebook. I got this Mini PC to replace one of our old laptops and I couldn't believe how small it is yet it packs so much horse power and features... It's truly amazing mini PC. My children are now always fighting to use this mini PC rather than laptops 😁


[+] The size. I can put this anywhere, even mount behind a monitor. I guess the size does not matter after all... 😁
[+] Windows 10 Pro preinstalled yet NO junk software preinstalled. Nicely done.
[+] 8GB of memory, Intel Core i5, and 256GB SSD. Need I say more?
[+] 2 HDMI out ports for dual monitor options. You can also easily connect to a TV with HDMI port.
[+] USB 3 and USB 2 ports in addition to the latest USB-C port!
[+] Has Ethernet port but who still uses RJ45 cable these days? It also has bBuilt-in WiFi for wireless internet connection!
[+] Option to easily add hard drive to expand the storage if 256GB is not enough for you.
[+] Comes with mounting kit for back of monitor as well as 2 HDMI cables that are perfect length for mounting option so that cable is not visible for clutter-free look.
[+] It has a built-in fan that turns on automatically as needed so that the unit does not get hot. This is a great feature because I've seen other people complaint about their fan-less mini PCs getting too hot.
[+] Price!


[-] Option to add additional memory would have been nice but 8 GB is more than enough for most of Windows 10 users


10 out of 5 stars. I'm still mind blown by this mini PC and all my family is in love with this computer. I highly recommend this mini PC to anyone looking to replace their old desktop or even a laptop like we did. My kids are already asking if we can replace other laptops with more mini PC because this mini PC is faster and they like the bigger screen.

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