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Beelink Sei8 Mini PC: 4 Cores 8th Intel Core i5 16GB RAM 512GB SSD

Reviewed by David • March 19, 2021

Amazing Mini PC with nice upgrades!

I purchased Beelink U57 Mini PC last year and I was blown away how amazing it is, especially compared to my DELL desktop computer.
My oldest son in High School needed a PC at his room for remote learning so it was no brainer that I decided to buy him a Mini PC rather than a desktop. He didn't necessarily need a laptop because he doesn't need to carry it around and it would have cost a lot more to get similar spec as this Mini PC for a laptop.
I happen to have few spare desktop monitors and portable monitors at home, so it was really an easy choice to get him this power horse Mini PC at a budget price.

This Sei8 Mini PC looks almost identical to U57 model except for the shiny top surface and better designed ventilation grills on the side and back. I did, however, decided to get memory upgrade to 16GB and disk storage upgrade to 512GB compared to my U57's 8GB RAM and 256GB disk space because my son will be taking CAD class as well as some computer programming classes in High School.

To be honest, 8GB of RAM is good enough for Windows 10 for most people but I wanted to get him more memory since he will be using some desktop software that needs some serious CPU power.

I love that this Mini PC can be upgraded to 32GB memory max, if needed, and it comes with Intel 4 Core i5 CPU!
It also has Intel Iris Graphics chip that can support 2 monitors at 4K resolution using HDMI cables. My son will have no problem running any programs, playing games and watching movies with this computer.

I'm also glad to see that they did not introduce any USB2.0 port and that they just stayed only with USB3.0 ports and 1 USB-C port. 2 USB ports are on the back and 2 are on the front along with USB-C port for easy access.

It has LAN port for RJ45 network cable but who even uses cable for internet? Of course, this beast comes with WiFi that uses Intel Wifi6 protocol for fast surfing the web.

What I'm most impressed about is the small form factor yet it does not get hot because internal fan kicks in when CPU is crunching and it really has good air ventilation design, dispersing and circulating hot air out of the case. Very impressive. They really know how to design a computer in a small box.

I am very happy with Beelink Mini PC and they have won my heart for their computer series. I don't think I can ever buy big and clunky desktops that takes up so much space and is inferior compared to these Mini PC.

My only complaint about these Mini PCs are that their AC power cord cables seem to be too short. It's definitely long enough to plug into any outlet near the desk but I just wish it was about a twice as long for more flexibility but this is not a deal breaker for sure considering how much you gain from this amazing beast.

They also include 2 HDMI cables along with mounting bracket for monitor for those who wants to mount this Mini PC behind a monitor so that it's completely invisible on your desk! One of the HDMI cables is very short for this purpose so you can better manage the cables behind the monitor.

10 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this Mini PC for anyone looking for a new computer at home or even at work.
You won't regret it and you won't be able to buy another desktop after you experience this. I know I'm going to be a repeat customer because I felt in love with their design and performance. Well done, Beelink! Keep up the great work and thank you for making such an amazing computer in small size.

PLEASE NOTE that I purchased the 16GB RAM and 512 SSD model but that model appears to be out of stock and only 8GB RAM and 256 SSD is available right now. Please pay attention to the RAM and SSD to make sure you are purchasing the one that you want.

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