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Beelink GT-R Mini PC 16GB DDR4, 512GD SSD, 2GB Radeon Vega 8 Graphics

Reviewed by David • December 31, 2020

impeccable Mini PC that is fully capable of playing any games 😍

I'm in IT field and I had my shares of many different laptops, desktops, MacBooks and even Mini PCs recently but this Mini PC is just out of this world...
I recently purchased a Mini PC for my son in High School so he can use it for school work during remote learning at home due to pandemic but he kept complaining that he has to bring down his Frames Per Second (FPS) setting when playing Minecraft game. More importantly, he was sad that he couldn't play the Rocket League game because it was too laggy even at the lowest FPS, resolution, and detail setting. All his friends play Rocket League in Xbox and gaming PC so he really wanted to play with them, so I finally ended up getting this Mini PC and I was mind blown how amazing this Mini PC is...


[+] 16 GB of memory!!! This is truly amazing. When I buy PC or recommend one to my friends, I always tell them to get minimum of 6 GB of memory and ideally 8 GB of memory, but this monster has 16 GB of memory. Now, that's fast enough for anything. 💪
[+] Radeon Vega 8 graphics card dedicated for video means you can play any hard core PC games! 💪
[+] 512 GB of SSD means you will have plenty of space for photos, videos, or any files and they will be very fast and reliable due to SSD compared to traditional hard disk
[+] Windows 10 Professional edition preinstalled and it comes with a recovery USB thumb drive! Very nice.
[+] 2 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, and 1 USB-C thunderbolt port means you can connect up to 4 monitors at the same time! 💪
[+] 6 USB 3.0 ports. I'm glad they didn't include any outdated USB 2.0 ports.
[+] 2 LAN ports but who uses RJ45 cable to connect to internet? Don't worry, it also has fast WiFi connection!
[+] Built-in fingerprint reader for fast and easy unlock and login, but more importantly securely
[+] Compact size with amazing case design outside that makes it look very cool
[+] Advanced cooling system automatically turns the internal dual fans on and off and the case has ventilation holes around the case, which also has cool design
[+] Comes with mounting kit behind monitor as well as internal upgrade kit.
[+] All graphic games, applications, and browsing internet is very fast and snappy!


[-] My only minor complaint about this amazing PC is the length of the power cord, which is about 49" long. Most laptops have longer power cables but this is not a deal breaker.


10 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this amazing Mini PC for anyone who wants to get a PC that can handle any applications or even games. This PC will not be outdated for many years to come with plenty of storage space. I still have old DELL desktop as my main home computer with 4 GB of memory so I'm very jealous and I'm now seriously considering getting one for myself. You will not regret getting this awesome computer. 👍

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