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AYY 1080P Full HD 16.1inch Portable Monitor

Reviewed by David • October 19, 2021

large portable monitor that can be used in landscape or portrait screen!

I tried few different portable monitors for work, ranging from 12inch to 15inch monitors.
They all have a leather screen protector cover that can be folded back or on the bottom to stand the monitor in certain angle. This works well but only problem with this design is that it can only stand in landscape mode, which is probably okay for most people but as a web programmer, it's sometimes more efficient to have vertical/portrait monitor for coding purpose.

This portable monitor has a unique design where it has a kickstand that can be used to stand in landscape or in portrait mode. All the ports and menu buttons are also on the kickstand itself, as well as the speaker. It works pretty well but I guess I would have to handle the kickstand with care since all the ports and controls is on the kickstand.

I love the 16.1" size, which is the biggest portable monitor screen I've seen so far. I guess it helps to put all the ports and buttons on the kickstand so it can maximize the screen size. The screen resolution is great as well as the refresh rate. It has Mini HDMI port and 2 USB-C ports. I am using this portable monitor with my MacBook Air, which only has a Thunderbolt port so I had to use a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to use this monitor and also plug USB-C to my laptop's USB port to provide power for the monitor. It works beautifully without any glitch and again, I love the flexibility to be able to use this 2nd monitor as horizontal or vertical screen.

When I received the monitor, I thought they sent the wrong monitor because of the box cover picture but I was happy to find the correct monitor inside and it comes with all the cables and AC adapter as well.
Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it!

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