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AUTO-VOX TW1 Truly Wireless Backup Camera

Reviewed by David • November 10, 2023

truly 5 minute installation and you just need one side of license plate

I actually have another model of solar wireless backup camera by the same company, which also took 5 minutes to install on my 2005 Honda Pilot. However, that model needs to take up space on both the top and the bottom of the license plate because the camera and the solar panel are separated. While the backup camera installation was super easy and worked extremely well, the camera that was installed on the top of the license plate got in the way of the hatch handle for the trunk. My car does not have automatic hatch open button so I have to always manually open the hatch with the handle but the camera was basically blocking the handle and it was very tight space to put my hand up there.

When I saw this TW1 model, I knew right away that this would solve that problem because the solar panel would just mount on top of the camera and it would take up just one side of the license plate. Please note that this TW1 model does not come with the solar panel so you would need to purchase it separately.

The installation was even easier and simpler than my other one. It really does take 5 minutes or even less to install this backup camera and you don't need to drill or wire anything! Simply amazing design.

This TW1 model can also connect to 2 cameras but it only comes with 1 camera so I guess you would have to buy extra camera separately. The video quality is sharp and crisp. It appears to be the same camera resolution and quality as the other model, including the LCD monitor.

I gave my other backup camera to my younger brother who has really old sedan without a backup camera and he loves it. There's no hatch handle on his sedan so he didn't have the problem that I did.

I highly recommend this solar wireless backup camera to anyone who has a car without backup camera. It's now a law for every car manufacturer to have a backup camera in the car because this is a must have for safety. If you have older car without backup camera then look no further because you can now have one in just 5 minutes!

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