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APC PH12 12 Outlet Power Cord Strip

Reviewed by David • February 25, 2021

perfect for wall mounting on tight spaces!!!

My cable modem and router are located in my laundry room and I have a surge protector mounted on a wall near the modem and routers but the AC adapter for the router is pretty big and it plugs in side way, sticking out from the surge protector. The problem is that I have a washer and dryer in front of the surge protector and once in a while I would bump into the route's AC adapter and it would unplug and turn off the router, bringing down all internet connection in the house.

In order to tuck away that AC adapter, I would need a surge protector that has outlet plug direction in other 90 degrees but than I would have the same problem with my modem AC adapter sticking out...

Well, this surge protector solved my problem because it actually has 2 sets of outlet plugs that are positioned in different angles! (7 plugs going down and 5 plugs side ways)

I can now plug my modem and router AC adapters into different outlet plugs so that they are not sticking out from the surge protector, hence no more bumping into the AC adapter in my laundry room!

This surge protector also has very long cord and I love the fact that it has wall mount holes in the back.

10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this surge protector. Versatile and can take on many different AC adapter types and sizes.

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