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Aomago Digital Voice Recorder 32GB V619

Reviewed by David • February 4, 2021

love at first sight and even more after using it

I got this digital voice recorder because I have a need to record conversations time to time and I could not be any happier with this recorder. I remember using a mini tape recorder in college for lecture classes but this is so high tech compared to those bulky recorder, not to mention it's all digital without using a tape.

My thoughts after using it:

✔️ Slim yet feels solid - it just feels perfect in your hand
✔️ Well placed buttons and controls - I can navigate to different settings and menu with just one hand, not to mention the star/stop switch is perfectly placed for your thumb. I like that start/stop is a switch rather than a button so you can't start/stop with accidental press/click
✔️ Color LCD screen - very clear and easy to read. Long menu text has scrolling effect so you can read the entire text while scrolling
✔️ 32 GB internal storage - this should be more than enough to store days worth of recordings
✔️ MP3 and WAV recording option - not sure why you wouldn't use MP3 option but if you need larger and higher quality audio file, you can choose WAV format
✔️ Built-in rechargeable battery with USB-C charging cable - long lasting battery and USB-C cable is more modern and easier to plug in than USB-A cable, as well as for data transfer to a computer
✔️ Compact yet high quality audio - small body makes it very portable yet the recorded sound quality is great
✔️ Immediate playback on the built-in speaker as well as option to plug in headphone using 3mm audio jack for privacy listening
✔️ Option to record using an external mic - great option if you don't want to hold this with your hand or show it
✔️ Advanced features such as auto recording scheduler or voice activated recording, as passcode lock feature
✔️ Simply the best user manual I've ever seen in any products - very easy to read in large paper, large font with diagrams, both front and back. All products should have a user manual like this in my opinion. Bravo!
✔️ When you plug the USB-C charging cable, the LCD screen shows the battery charging status
✔️ Time and the battery level is always displayed on top of the LCD screen
✔️ You press and hold the play button for few seconds to turn it on and same thing to turn it off. It displays a count 1-2-3 for turning it off when you hold the button and shows "bye bye"
✔️ Buttons are like using a remote control, with left-right and up-down as well as back and menu button. Very well thought of and placed.

I can't say enough good things about this small digital voice recorder that seems to have every feature you can think of. It's so easy to start recording and to stop, as well as to playback and delete the file with confirmation.
10 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this voice recorder!

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