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Amzdest Outdoor Smart Plug

Reviewed by David • December 14, 2020

😍 most amazing thing I ever purchased!!! + TIP

I dare to say that this might be the most amazing thing that I ever purchased... I'm regretting that I didn't purchased this much sooner, like few years ago!
It's Christmas season so we have outdoor decoration lights and we always had to tell our kids to turn the light on at night then to turn it off before going to bed, and of course there are many times that they forget.. well, not anymore with this amazing smart plug! Not only I can control all 3 plugs individually but I can even create schedule to have it turn it on and off at certain time of the day and even for different days or for all 7 days! This thing is so smart that it can be integrated with Alexa too!


[+] It has 3 plugs and it's waterproof and perfectly safe for outdoor!
[+] Each of the 3 plugs can be controlled separately! This is so amazing especially if you need to use 3 plugs for different purposes. I'm using 2 plugs for Christmas lights and 1 plug for snow melting wire on the roof.
[+] All 3 plugs can be turned on and off from the app, which means you can turn it on and off from anywhere even from outside of your country as long as you have WiFi. Amazing!
[+] The app also have programmer schedule so you can have each plug turn it on and off at any given time and/or days! Simply amazing and works well!
[+] It can integrate with Alexa so you can control it with Alexa app or Echo.
[+] It has 3 different color lights to show which plug is current on or off.


[-] I had trouble configuring it with the app at first because the instruction manual was outdated. It was simple once I figured out that I had to add "Power Strip (Wi-Fi)" and had to make sure WiFi was on 2.4G frequency.


10 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this amazing device to anyone who has Christmas lights outdoor and is still manually turning it on and off. With this, you can control it away from home or schedule it. I have my lights turn on at 4:50PM and off at 11:50PM every day. I'm using 3rd plug for roof ice melt cables so it's not on but I can turn it on from the app when I get snow. Very convenient and it can expand your outdoor outlet plug into three that can be controlled individually. Amazing device! The BEST! 👍👍

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