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Altec Lansing StormChaser Rechargeable Emergency Radio

Reviewed by David • July 6, 2021

WOW... simply the best emergency radio speaker PERIOD!

I've had about 10 different emergency radio speakers before and all of them were very compact, about the size of a handheld flashlight. They all pretty much the same the same features such as Bluetooth speaker, AM/FM/NOAA radio, flashlight, hand crank, solar panel, reading light, charging port, etc. They really come in handy during camping, fishing, or even during power outage at home so I love them all.

Few weeks ago, I went to my friend's pool party and he had Altec Lansing's portable speaker and I could not believe the sound quality. It was so much crisp and richer than any of my portable speakers so I decided to get this StormChaser, which has all the features you find in emergency radio plus more, and I could not be more happier that I got this. This is such an amazing product.


> The emergency radio speaker unit (duh)
> 3mm aux cable
> USB-A to USB-C charging cable
> USB-C charger with AC wall adapter plug

The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can charge it by plugging in USB-C cable to the port and to wall outlet with the provided charging adapter. The charge light's color will indicate how much is charged where flashing red means less than 10%, orange color means 10 to 80% charged, and green light means 80 to 100% charged. There's also battery level indicator on the LCD screen with bars.

Once it's fully charged, you are ready to rock and roll! I'm not sure if I will be able to mention all the features because it has too many to list...


[+] Clear and easy to read backlit LCD screen with digital AM/FM radio station as well as volume
[+] It has digital clock and 2 alarms you can set
[+] 5 preset memory for AM/FM/SW radio each!
[+] Bluetooth function - you can pair it with your smartphone and play your favorite playlist
[+] Skip and Previous button - works with playlist for Bluetooth and for changing frequency for radio. Press and hold to auto scan the next channel
[+] Amazing speaker as well as built-in microphone when paired with Bluetooth
[+] Loud and clear sound quality with deep bass yet without any distortion. Simply amazing sound quality
[+] 3.5mm AUX option to play from device without Bluetooth or for quick connection without having to pair Bluetooth
[+] Built-in bright flashlight - press to turn on or press and hold for 5 seconds to keep it on
[+] SOS button - flashlight blinks and sends SOS message in Morse Code
[+] Hazzard button - red blinking lights on both sides and front and back. Perfect for emergency road assistant
[+] Rotary hand crank - to manually charge the device by hand during extreme emergency
[+] Solar panel - so you can charge this device with sun light when outdoor
[+] LED panel light - for area light or as reading light
[+] Bottle opener - clever and handy when needed
[+] Retractable antenna - the reception is already great but if you need better reception, you can pull out the antenna for stronger reception
[+] It can work as a charging station and charge other devices!
[+] Storage compartment for storing charging cables or money or papers but nothing big
[+] Local area alert option
[+] Option to change the bass and treble, as well as backlight brightness and many more!
[+] Price is great for all the feature it offers
[+] Comfortable and easy to carry handle and the device feels rock solid!
[+] Did I mention the sound quality is amazing? 😁


[-] I can't think of any. This is such an amazing device for its price


> I wish the battery level was digital (75% instead of 3 bars)
> It would have been better to have dial control for the volume instead of up/down buttons


10 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this amazing emergency radio without any reservation. This is one of the best thing I purchased from Amazon. I don't think I can use any other emergency radios after using this. It really rocks and kicks some butt. I've been using it at our local swim club and it sounds awesome even in busy and noisy outdoor. I can't wait until I bring this to the camping trip. Love it!

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