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Altec Lansing HydraBlast Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Reviewed by David • February 7, 2023

in love with their Hydra series speakers!

I maybe bias because I already own several of their portable speakers including HydraMini.
I just love their sound quality and design. They really know how to design and build portable Bluetooth speakers for outdoor, especially around beach and pool.

I love my HydraMini and it sounds great but I got this HydraBlast to mainly increase the playing hours as the deep bass! Here's the key difference for HybraBlast when compared to HydraMini:

> Up to 20 hour of playing time! (compared to 6 hours for HybraMini)
> Built-in USB port for charging smartphone!
> Much louder volume with deep bass
> Size and weight

That's pretty much the difference and of course the price is also different. Both HydraMini and HydraBlast are great outdoor speakers for its price and obviously they are used for different need.
If I need something super compact and lightweight for ultimate portability then I would take my HydraMini but if I'm at a loud place where volume, bass and playing time is important, I would now take this HydraBlast to blast all noise away with my music!

I love that it's IP67 waterproof and it can pretty much proof everything from sand to rain and you can even throw it in the pool and it will float! Such a amazing speaker with awesome sound quality.

Oh, it also has 11 different LED light effects that you can choose from to add more spice and fun to the music! 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it!

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