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Aioze WiFi Trail Camera

Reviewed by David • May 3, 2021

WiFi is a great feature for Trail Camera

I bought a trail camera last year and I made sure that I bought one with built-in LCD screen so I can check and view the pictures and videos directly from the trail camera without having to remove and bring in the memory card to my computer. I bought it for my backyard last year because I hear animals at night and it worked pretty well.

I have a hill on my backyard and I noticed there are many deer walking around top of the hill so I wanted to install a trail camera to see what other animals might be trespassing my property but I didn't want to go up the hill just to check the built-in LCD screen on the trail camera, only to find that nothing was captured on the camera. That's when I decided to buy this trail camera with WiFi feature, which turned out to be an amazing feature.

This trail camera requires 8 AA batteries like most trail cameras do and I appreciate that it came with 32GB memory card so it was ready to capture the actions once I installed the batteries.
I downloaded the free app on my iPhone and it's cool that I can connect to this trail camera up on the hill from my backyard.

This trail camera actually has both WiFi and Bluetooth. You must first connect to the Bluetooth then WiFi afterwards in order to make secure connection to the trail camera. I believe this design is intentional in order to conserver the batteries since it will drain the batteries too fast if the WiFi was always on but Bluetooth uses very little juice so it can always be on. Once you connect to the trail camera using the Bluetooth, it will turn on the WiFi setting so your smart phone can make direct connection. Once connected, you can browse the photos and videos from your app and download/play from your phone! Very cool.

I was surprised how many different animals are trespassing my property day and night. It captured deer family, possum, racoon, woodchuck, and even a skunk! The quality of the video is very good and it also records audio. Awesome.

The trail camera has many setting with regard to the video and picture quality as well as the duration. Overall, I'm very happy with this trail camera and I don't think I can use a trail camera without WiFi feature any more.

Easily 5 out of 5 stars. You will love the WiFi feature and fee app so you can browser the pictures and videos captured in the camera from your smart phone.

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