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ACEPC 14-inch HD Laptop Computer

Reviewed by David • December 19, 2020

Amazing laptop for its price!

My daughter in Middle School and has been wanting a laptop for a long time so we finally decided to get one for her because she recently started 100% remote learning from home. She doesn't really play PC games but she wanted to use the laptop for video conferencing with her friends using Zoom or Google Meet, and do school work together or play simple games. She also uses it to browse the internet and for watching YouTube videos. All her school work is done using Google docs so she doesn't really need any special programs like Microsoft Office.

However, I still wanted to get a good laptop for her in terms of specs so that the laptop will not be outdated after a year and she can still use it for few years without getting sluggish over time. For that reason, the minimum requirement that I was looking for was 6GB of RAM but this laptop has 8GB of RAM so it's even better.

It comes with Windows 10 Pro edition preinstalled and 128GB of SSD space is more than enough for my daughter since most of her school work is done and stored in Google Drives. SSD is not only faster than conventional HD drive but it also has less moving parts so it's more reliable.


[+] Intel Quad-Core processor with 8GB of RAM is more than ideal for running Windows 10.
[+] 128 GB of SSD along with 8GB of RAM makes it a high performance laptop.
[+] 14" 1080P HD screen is perfect size (not too small yet not too big)
[+] Windows 10 Pro edition preinstalled without any junk software.
[+] Slim profile and lightweight for portability, which is perfect for my daughter.
[+] Easy to expand the storage in the future, if needed, with easy access to M.2 SSD storage from the bottom.
[+] Long battery life!
[+] Mini HDMI port for 2nd screen or to display it on TV.
[+] Price! You can't beat this price at this spec.


[+] I wish the AC power cable was a bit longer.
[+] I would have loved to see USB-C port or even additional USB 3.0 port but this is not a deal breaker.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. My daughter loves this laptop and she uses it every day for remote learning, for doing school work, as for entertainment as well as virtual play dates with her friends using built-in web camera.
She uses the laptop on her desk during her school work but she uses it on her lap siting down on the bed or sofa when video conferencing with her friends and playing games so the thin and lightweight design works very well for her.
I highly recommend this laptop and don't settle for anything less than 6GB of RAM, especially for Windows 10.

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