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4K HD Webcam PC USB Camera with Privacy Cover

Reviewed by David • August 10, 2023

most advanced webcam for remote learning

My son is 100% remote learning right now due to pandemic so the webcam plays very important role during his every day school learning.
He has a Mini PC and I gave him my old Logitech webcam but it started to get glitchy during his classes so I decided to upgrade to this 4K HD webcam and I could not be any happier with it.

My thoughts after using it for couple of weeks:

✔️ 4K HD video quality - very clear and crisp wide angle video!
✔️ Built-in microphone on the camera - great audio mic quality
✔️ Easy to use privacy cover - you can just flip it up or down, and it stays put
✔️ Built-in LED light with 3 brightness level - with easy touch control on the side of the camera
✔️ Easy to mount the webcam on any monitor with stability and option for tripod stand with thread ring on the bottom
✔️ The webcam tilts and stays put - in case your monitor is too high, you can tilt the camera to desired angle
✔️ Plug and Play USB cable - Windows 10 recognizes the webcam automatically

I've used this webcam for Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet for both Mac nd PC. It worked flawlessly every time and love the LED fill light option when using it in a dark place.
Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this webcam if you are looking for a webcam that has it all. The privacy cover is important since there are more and more incident of webcam hack as well as accidentally showing yourself without you knowing it 😁

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